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I will travel again!

Hi walkers!

Ten years ago, we began a passionate adventure, Barcelona Architecture Walks; a small company led by Miel Architects that aims to bring the architecture, culture and history of Barcelona closer to its visitors by offering the unique experience of discovering our city from an architect’s point of view. 

The beginning was not easy, but we slowly began to reach more and more people in those first ten years. We have had the honor to walk with all of you who felt that our tours could offer something different. We have been able to participate in events like Barcelona Architecture Week and the Sleepover, we have welcomed hundreds of students from prestigious universities around the world, we have played host to a great number of companies who chose Barcelona as business destination, and so little by little we were realizing our dream: to convey the passion we feel for Barcelona to a larger public.


This year we were about to launch the spring season (our busiest time of the year) when the pandemic caused the difficult situation the world is now living through. We are not going to lie, these are very hard times, but we are sure that we will come out of this stronger than before. 


For this reason, we have decided to take action and be a part of the movement “I Will Travel Again”; a website that enables viewers to purchase online gift cards for thousands of tours, tourist attractions and activities around the world. So please spread the word and encourage others to do the same.  You will find us on their website if you are planning on visiting Barcelona in the future. We await you with open arms loaded with enthusiasm to walk you through our city. 


Barcelona Architecture Walks is no stranger to unpredictable setbacks; we are adapting to the situation and look forward to seeing you. Help spread the word and tell the world we will be back. Although travel is still restricted, we can still dream of the day we will be traveling again. 

In the meantime, we hope you are all well, take care, stay safe and see you soon!


Let’s tell the world we will be back! Join the movement I Will Travel Again!!!


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