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Good news from Miel Arquitectos

Casa Es Carnatge by Miel Arquitectos is on fire!

Hi Walkers! Today we feel extremely grateful, some amazing magazines have posted about us, Miel Arquitectos, with fantastic articles about CASA ES CARNATGE in Mallorca, with new pictures from Jose Hevia and Asier Rua. These are Metalocus, Plataforma Arquitectura, Tectonicablog and Divisare, so proud!

Casa es Carnatge is a single house located in front of the abandoned stone quarries of Son Mosson at the Palma Bay, from which draws its materiality and formal logic.

Through a doble stoneskin facade we abstract inhabiting of the noise pollution from the neighboring airport and search into the Marés a way of being.
The house is generated from 2 solid and introspective objects connected by a flexible and open porch, an enviromental strategy setting up an acoustic itinerary going from the absolut hermetic nature of the bedrooms, an acoustic transition between inside and outside of the dining – living room, until the undeniable prominence happening at the barbecue platform from where the takeoff of the planes turns into a cause of sensorial celebration.
The first body organizes the services offer by the house and the second body contains the heart of the house, 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms of the present and future inhabitants.
Between the two bodies a concrete slab draws the common and more flexible area of the house: the living and dining room, equiped with a serie of layers allowing to transform the limits between inside and outside: from total isolation (shutters + sliding windows + curtains) until the mutual immersión from the inside to the outside.
The constructive approach of Casa es Carnatge looks for the essential, reducing the number of materials participating at the equation and searching the top expressive state of each one, in such a way the matter austerity will result in formal wealth. And is the Marés the principal actor of this house: sand brown forming an outside eroded and hightly expresive together with the rusted steel windowsills; Pure white in the inside providing wealth nuances to the soft light that contains. Two skins never touching each other, preserving the integrity of the cavity-wall facade which are composing meanwhile they talk and breathe about the place they come from: the Mallorca island.
Here you have the links to the magazines:


Plataforma Arquitectura




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