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Eric Allodi Lecture at Foros 2018

Foros 2018. Eric Allodi, video conference: “Circular and lateral”.

This year marks a new edition of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture’s Foros lecture series, a can’t-miss event for members of the architecture community, the new edition of which has been organised in cooperation with BBC Construmat. From 26 February to 7 May, six industry professionals and academics will pay the University’s Aula Magna a visit to share their views on the concept of innovation in Architecture.

Under the title Plural Innovations, this new edition will underscore the need to expand the field of Architecture. In this regard, innovation emerges as the first element in the expansion process, from an open, plural perspective, pushing the discipline to transcend its traditional limits. This year, Foros 2018 has been co-organised by School lecturer Miquel Lacasta, together with Marc Chalamanch and Carmen Santana, the three members of the studio Archikubik.

On 16 March, international French consultant Eric Allodi will deliver a video conference on the need for a paradigm shift in building construction by incorporating them into circular ecosystems. According to the speaker, “A building is an organic system that lives and evolves over the course of dozens of years. Between 75 and 85% of its components are eventually replaced, and most are lost and converted into waste. By incorporating them into circular ecosystems, not only could we prevent the generation of waste, but we could also spark a paradigm shift whereby buildings would have a positive impact on resources and people’s health”.

The speaker will be introduced by architect Maite Sainz de la Maza and geological engineer Macari De Torres, representatives of the company Fetdeterra, which specialises in eco-innovation solutions, product design and technological development.

Eric Allodi is an international speaker and consultant and expert in eco-innovation, Cradle to Cradle™, collective intelligence, alternative governance systems and risk management. In 2007, Allodi founded the agency Integral Vision, having previously worked for twenty years in multinational companies and international institutions such as NATO and the European Commission. He specialises in using an integral approach based on cutting-edge technologies and philosophies to help companies become part of the solution and develop new innovative perspectives, strategies and products capable of responding to the human and environmental problems of the 21st century.


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