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“Dream the City” exhibition at Palau Robert

The “Dream the City” exhibition is an initiative by Palau Robert, a centre affiliated with the Directorate-General for Dissemination of the Ministry of the Presidency. Curated by the architect Roger Subirà, it will be open until 11th June. The idea came about as a result of a series of conversations in difficult post-pandemic circumstances. The aim was to give a voice to a series of discourses in various areas of knowledge that were capable of generating optimism.

The various initiatives being carried out by architects and urban planners are rarely presented in non-specialised settings or environments outside the sector. However, imagining the future is the first step towards shaping it, and for this reason, the exhibition has been created based on a very clear premise – presenting images that help imagine a better urban future, banishing pessimism in order to gain or reshape the future.

The exhibition’s theme was established based on this assumption: successive generations in the past have been able to imagine or dream urban futures, cities that were imagined and dreamed based on each generation’s value system. Today, despite the serious crises that affect us, undeniable values are emerging among the new generations. We have summarised these values in three revolutions which can be found in the exhibition’s three main rooms: a Green Revolution, a Digital Revolution and an Identity Revolution (gender, feminism, and inclusion).

Room One: Future cities of the past
A brief history of the cities dreamed of in the past will be presented in an immersive audiovisual display, on multiple screens and mirrors, with links to the values prevailing at each historical point in time. The images take us back to well-known, highly creative historical periods that become powerful graphics…

Room Two: Enough of dystopias!
A collage of images in a dark and disturbing setting presents a series of dystopian cities taken from the world of cinema, series and video games. The space’s design contributes to this unnerving effect, by means of experiences such as the smell of plastic and even dirt.

3, 4 and 5th rooms, 3 revolutions: the Green Revolution, the Digital Revolution, and the Identity Revolution.
A new system of shared values with an immense capacity for transformation also emerges from this present full of challenges: respect for the environment and the fight against climate change, the immense possibilities that open up with new technologies, and the creation of social systems that integrate difference as an asset. New ideas are springing up all over the world that can help us dream of a better urban future, based on an optimism that is conscious but radical.

Room Six: Garden for migratory species
The final room of the exhibition features a construction designed and produced ad hoc by TAKK Architecture (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño) called In transit, a garden for migratory species.



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