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CuriosityStream film with BAW

Today we are very happy to share our most recent collaboration. Last month a documentary filmmaker Alex Sherratt, who is working for CuriosityStream.com, from New York City, contacted Barcelona Architecture Walks to ask for help in making the documentary “The History of the Home”.

CuriosityStream.com was started by the founder of the Discovery Channel and streams the world’s top-tier history, science, and nature documentaries. They have recently received Emmy nominations and awards for their work with Stephen Hawking and Sir David Attenborough.

At the moment they are in the middle of the production phase of the next big series, a 3-part documentary on “The History of the Home”. In this film they will be showing the world’s most iconic and storied homes to see how they have evolved throughout the ages and become a shape shifting reflection of who we are. In the series they will meet with historians, architects, writers and homeowners to understand the story and the historical importance of these famous homes.


As a part of this story, they were interested in the work of Antoni Gaudi and his importance in architectural history; which is why they contacted Barcelona Architecture Walks. They were filming with us in Barcelona in September in some of Gaudi’s famous homes.

We are very proud of this collaboration and can’t wait to see the final result!!!


Here is a sneak peek at some of the footage from the film session with Miguel Angel Borras, our CEO.


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