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BAW & RCR Arquitectes first expedition

BAW & RCR expedition has launched last week.

Today we share the last new BAW’s expereince: last 20th february we have launched our BAW & RCR Arquitectes expedition, a one-day excursion lead by Jaume Prat Ortells (Architect and critic of architecture), to meet the great work of RCR architecture studio, awarded with the Pritzker prize 2017.

RCR Creative Architecture Studio born the year 1988 in Olot by the hand of Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta.

They’ve always worked alone, since the beginning. The search for timelessness and beauty, is always present in their works and all their projects, breathe an important connection with Japan. In all of them, we will experience stillness, quiet, silence…

We were visiting the most emblematic RCR’s projects situated, the two first in the middle of the Garrotxa landscape and at Olot and Ripoll.

The Tossols Basil athletics stadium in Olot. A project in the middle of a forest, that spreads from the incomparable setting that surrounds it, an example of how architecture and landscape can walk together.

The Bath Pavilion. Another great intervention in the middle of landscape. A modern Greek temple built in steel, where the pieces breathe a magical tension.

Barberí space. RCR arquitectes’ studio placed in an ancient artistic melting furnace, where sculptures for artists from all over the world, to bells were made. The intervention aims to maintain the site and transform it at the same time. In the most secluded space, we’ll discover the fantastic Dreams’ Pavilion.

La Lira. One of the most perfect RCR projects, in collaboration with Joan Puigcorbé. A project where what is built is a void, generating a public space in the place left by the old theatre of La Lira. A public space project, where the city and nature merge together.

RCR are masters of an elegant architecture made from emotion. If it doesn’t shake, it’s not architecture.

Contact us here and don’t miss this amazing tour discovering RCR’s incredible works!

And here you have our Winter tours program.

BARCELONA & THE MARKET see Barcelona through the eyes of Enric Miralles. Every Monday.

BARCELONA & GAUDI a great start to discover the genius of Gaudí. Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday as Regular Walking tour. And Monday and Wednesday as a Private Tour.

BARCELONA & THE URBANISM travel with us to the origins of the modern Barcelona. Every Wednesday.

BARCELONA & THE FUTURE CITY walk through the smart city looking for our Future and discover with us the new Superblock at Poblenou. Every Thursday.

BARCELONA & THE SEA discover Barcelona through its architecture. Every Saturday.

Come and walk with us and live a fantastic experience!!!


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