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Barcelona & Bofill Walking Tour

Walking Tour through Ricardo Bofill’s Taller de Arquitectura and Walden 7 building

Hi Walkers, this week we have great news, at the end of September we will visit Ricardo Bofill’s Taller de Arquitectura and Walden 7 housing building with an special Walking Tour.

This is a fantastic opportunity to discover one of the most emblematic Ricardo Bofill’s project.

Taller de Arquitectura Headquarters Image by © Julio Donoso/Sygma/Corbis

Walden 7 represents the successful implementation of an old ambition of RBTA, and it has a special significance within the development of our work. The building represents, in fact, the realization of the research work done for other previous projects by RBTA, as Reus Gaudi Quarter, and The City in Space, in Madrid.

Walden 7 embodies the concept of architectural magnitude as well as a new, enriching feature into the suburban environment which surrounds it. It attempts to provide a solution to the problems of life in today’s cities where there is a lack of community, of collective activity, of public space placed at the disposition of the individual.


We will also visit the Team’s studio which is located in an old cement factory inside the factory silos over four floors connected by a spiral staircase.

Reflecting the company’s culture, the highly functional floor layout encourages team work and provides a perfect environment for individual concentration and creativity.

The factory is a magic place which strange atmosphere is difficult to be perceived by a profane eye…


Come with us and live a great experience… An incredible travel through the most emblematic Ricardo Bofill’s masterpiece.

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  1. Rodrigo
    | Reply

    Visit 2 adults and 1 children for March 20

  2. Stefanie Del Moral
    | Reply

    I would like to know about the next tour yo do to Ricardo Bofill’s house

  3. Kae Yunn
    | Reply

    Hi, will you be opening another tour for Ricardo Bofill’s architectural walk anytime time soon? Looking forward to your reply.


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