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Barcelona Architecture Walks at BBC TV

L’Eixample question BAW at Art Lovers a BBC TV Program.

Hi Walkers! This week we share with you one of our last collaboration, an intervention of Joan Codina, one of our Leading Architects, in the BBC TV Program ART LOVERS about Barcelona.

In this episode, the presenters are on a mission to get to know Barcelona, one of the most popular cities in the world through its art and architecture. Although Barcelona is famous for its exuberant modernista buildings, the Gothic Quarter and artistic superstars such as Picasso, they are determined to discover some less well-known cultural treats. Escaping the crowds on the Ramblas, they seek out the urban planning designs of an engineer who arguably put more of a stamp on the city, Ildefons Cerdà.
For this they contact with Joan Codina who, as an expert, talk with them about how was conformed Cerdà’s Eixample.

Really as you can see during the video, Joan is very knowable about the history of the Eixample project and how Cerdà went beyond the specific reality of the time and created the General Theory of Urbanization.

A pleasure for us to collaborate with BBC TV in a very interesting program. Thank you so much to contact us!

Here you have the video…

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